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An Artist Creates Beautiful Pictures of Hindu Gods & Goddesses in Dusky Avatar which blew up the Internet

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Normally, we see the pictures and murals of Hindu deities with sharp features, long hairs, perfect bodies draped in beautiful attires. But the most significant thing, that catches our attention is that apart from two-three Gods and Goddesses.

All the other Hindu deities have a fair complexion, whilst most Indians are dusky. What if all of them were depicted as dark-skinned, wouldn’t it be lovely to see them from a different angle. Like how most of us look like.

If you are inquisitive, then quickly have a look at the Pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses as Dark-Skinned.

Bal Krishna

Lord Shiva

dark skinned lord shiva

Mother Sita with Luva and Kusha

dark skinned goddess sita and luv kush

Goddess Lakshmi

dark skinned goddess lakshmi

Bala Murgan

dark skinned bala murgan

Goddess Durga

dark skinned goddess durga

Goddess Saraswati

dark skinned goddess saraswati

Courtesy – Naresh Nil Photography

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