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Top 10 90s Pop Songs that’ll make you feel Nostalgic

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top 10 90's pop songs

During the ‘90s Hindi pop music industry was on its peak. Many peppy numbers were produced during this era, which made us sing and dance in mirth. These dance melodies made us shake a leg and groove to the lyrics, which were so catchy, that they stayed on our lips forever.
Few of the songs became anthems that were constantly played in school functions and at weddings. So let’s go on a roller coaster ride to the heydays of the past. And refresh your memories by checking out the Top 10 ‘90s Pop Songs that’ll make you feel nostalgic.

1. Ho gayi Mohabbat Tumse by Aslam

This lovely track which the love-struck youth of the ‘90s used to listen on repeat, still warms our heart.

2. Chandi Jaisa Rang hai Tera by Pankaj Udas

Such a soulful song of Pankaj Udas which gives a breath of fresh air, as now such songs are hardly made.

3. Aur Aahista Kijiye Batein by Pankaj Udas

If you have read the short prose called “The Gift of Magi” you’ll notice the video carries the same plot. It is beautifully portrayed and defines the true meaning of love.

4. Piya Basanti Re by Ustad Sultan and K.S. Chitra

This song is a work of art both in terms of music composition and in terms of story-line.

5. Dhoom Pichak Dhoom by Palash Sen

Euphoria band has been entertaining us for years. The music band was put together by Dr. Palash Sen and his friends in New Delhi in 1998. The band made waves in the country during the mid-90s and is continuing to rule our hearts.

6. Paree Hoon Main by Suneeta Rao and Leslee Lewis

This sultry piece is a gem in itself. The vocals by Suneeta Rao and the music composition by Leslee Lewis makes it a work of art.

7. Maine Payal hai Chhankayi by Falguni Pathak

Falguni Pathak was the Queen Bee of ‘90s. Her songs were loved by all from young to old and the videos were like a theatrical performance, each having a solid storyline.

8. Chupke Chupke Sakhiyon Se Vo feat John Abraham by Pankaj Udas

Yes, this cutie with dimples is none other than John Abraham. The actor used to model and feature in music videos in the initial years of his career. He has come a long way since then.

9. Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon by Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan’s voice carries the aroma of Himalayan daffodils. His songs whether old or new,
have always managed to touch the chords of our hearts. Dooba dooba rehta hoon is one such song, which was quite famous among the lovebirds.

10. Saiyoni – junoon

This one is among the most popular songs of the late ‘90s, which was played on repeat on TV and on radio channels. It revives the old memories.

That’s all folks! Will bring the new Top 10 list the next time.

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