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Top 20 Funny Rahul Gandhi Memes that’ll make you burst into laughter

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pappu rahul gandhi memes

Rahul Gandhi aka Raga rules the internet because he is the Youth Icon of India, who sometimes. Oops! Many times does something out of the box. From his hysteric speeches to his confused look on being asked a question, to his smirk and his hugs that come out of nowhere.
Rahul baba is one thug, who never learns from his mistakes. Netizens love him and hate him for all the valid reasons. But whatever, the case may be. He is someone, who we can look up when we are sad or when we are having a bad day. Because this man, he will make you smile regardless. So here we present you with Top 20 Funny Rahul Gandhi Memes, that’ll make you burst into laughter.

rahul gandhi 'pappu' funny memes

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