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Top 10 Things that Single People know too well

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Singles are sick and tired of hearing the same old dialogues from their friends who are into relationships like- Why are you wasting your time? go find someone or at least get it a try, and the worse you are a loser because you choose to be single.

But what they fail to understand is singlehood comes with a lot of benefits. If you can’t imagine what they are, then dive into the info. You may ask, “What makes singlehood interesting?”. So here are Top 10 things singles know too well.

Easy breezy life with no drama

When others are swimming through chaos. You are seated on your throne of happiness, enjoying them quarrel with their significant other.

More money in your wallet

Dating is a tedious affair. It lightens your wallet as you need to bear some expenses. Like from recharging your phone to sharing bills, and celebrating birthdays and anniversary together. It could be a little heavy on your pocket when you are too drunk in love.

More parties, games and night outs with friends

When one enters into a relationship. Sometimes they get so engrossed in each other, that they give little time to their friends. But when you are set free. You can have a gala time with your friends, at any given time. Have late night parties, play games on your PSP and chill with your chaddi buddies. Lose control! You are a rebel.

No depressive emotional episodes

No relationship means, no emotional drama. You are free from the clutches of anyone, who tries to take possession of you. Not all singles crave relationships. Some are happy the way they are. As they might be doing well both mentally and emotionally.

More Time at Hand

When you are single. You waste less time on phone calls and texts. Which means you have more time to do things you love and enjoy. You can relax, learn and try your hand at new things or develop a hobby like playing the guitar, learning horse riding etc. Time is precious so explore more dimensions.

No need to remember dates

The best part is you don’t need to remember dates that on forgetting, could make your partner go haywire. Like a birthday, first date, anniversary, his/her family members birthday, etc. You can chill without checking the calendar or without feeding dates on your reminder. So far, so good.

Paying less attention to your looks

Admit it when you are in a relationship, you pay more heed to your looks. Whether your hairs are on point, your skin looks fine, your makeup, perfume or your outfit looks great or not. Checking and seeking approval of your friend or sister, whether you look put together or not.

It is a hustle sometimes because you want to look good for that someone special. So when you are single, you enjoy the perks. Let loose your curls and slip in your jogger pants or shorts. And walk with pride with no makeup. It feels liberating.

Nobody to share that last slice of pizza

Yup you can have pizza all by yourself. Relish the last bite and let the cheese melt in your mouth. While the pepper and chilly flakes tickle your jaded palates. Nosh on any dish until you wipe the plate squeaky clean. Bon appetite, my friend.

No baby talks only work

To be honest, one needs to grow up after a certain period of time. You aren’t someone’s baby, that needs to be asked again and again, whether you had this and that. Baby, sugar, honey is cute but before that let’s become independent and strong.

When you are single, you get ample time to work on your goals. And think for yourself and your future, so you can set your priorities straight.

More options are open for you

Well this is true when one leaves it teaches you a lot of things about yourself. Life doesn’t end here, you can sulk, you can cry a river but don’t stay there. Allow your heart to open up for new experiences. You have a multitude of choices.

If you don’t want to be in a relationship then don’t. There are your family and loved ones, who love you dearly. Get to know people, learn something new, create art, read, write and explore. There are several other fun things to do than jumping into another relationship, just because everybody else is doing that.

That’s all folks! Will bring the new Top 10 series the next time.

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