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10 Reasons why Sisters are absolutely the best friends you can ever Have

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It’s a blessing to have sisters as they stick by you through thick and thin. They are not only your sibling but a parent, a guardian, a friend and probably the best companion you could ever have. She goes out of her way to see you smile, even when she isn’t doing well. She might scold you, chide you in front of your peers. But deep down, she cares for you a lot and you know it too well. Here are 10 reasons to celebrate sisterhood. Do share this with your sister to make her feel special and watch how her face glows on reading this.

She is your best Secret Keeper

Your sister is your partner in crime and she knows all your secrets. She might threaten you or blackmail you, that she will disclose all your secrets to your mum. But she will never do so, she values you and keeps her lips stitched. Cherish her, because you’ll miss these fights when she’ll not be around.

She is your Personal Stylist

Whether you are a girl or a boy, you both will agree on one thing, that you often seek fashion advice from your sister. Whether you are going on a date, brunch, dinner or to your friend’s place, you’ll ask her if your outfit is on point or not. You know how savage your sis is, as she will either give a Yay or a Nye, nothing in between. Sometimes she will make fun of your fashion sense but it’s okay, there should be some spice in life.

She knows all your flings, affairs and crushes

Slide under the sheets to talk on the phone, install phone lock or keep your status single on social media. Nothing will work, because your sister will get to know of your love interest, without even trying. Your smile, instant blush on receiving a text from that special someone. Will make her realise, there is someone, who you are seeing from quite some time. If you tell her or not, she will wish the best for you two.

She is the Pillar of your Life

Even if you try hard, you cannot hide your personal life from her. If you are going through a rough phase or aren’t doing well mentally and emotionally. Your sister will get to know the ordeal. She will help you to overcome the hurdle. Will become a mentor for you, to overcome all the problems that you are facing. So you can emerge as stronger and improved version of yourself.

She is the Shoulder you can always Lean on

There are good days, there are bad and then there are days that are worse. You cry like a river and it feels like nothing will ever gonna be alright. But you forget that your family is by your side, especially your sister. Who is always there to wipe your tears and to offer her shoulder to cry on. She has helped you through your breakups. Has silently held the ground for you when you were crumbling to pieces. Give her a hug, she deserves one.

She is a Peace Maker

When things are not going well in your love life. She will come to the rescue and will act as a peacemaker between you two. She will resolve the matter with wit by lending an ear to both the parties. Remember when in distress, your sister is there to help you out.

She is your Personal Bank

Nobody can deny the fact that sisters go out of their way to support us. They lend us money, so we can accomplish our dreams and plans. When mum dad doesn’t finance us, we make a puppy face in front of our sister and it melts her.

She is your Second Mom

Sisters aren’t just sisters; they are your second mom. She will look after you when mum isn’t around. Will cook scrumptious food for you, take care of when you are sick, help you in your academics and will guide you, when you stray away from your path. Her role isn’t limited to being a sister, she is an avatar of Shakti, energy.

She Fights for You

It is often said that one must have a brother as he will fight for you. But they forget that a sister will not only fight but will stand next to you, when everybody else leaves. She will be there even when all the forces are against you.

Her Care and Love knows no Bounds

Last and not least, her love and care cannot be described in mere words. She is an epitome of beauty, grace, power, and love. Although, she never shows affection towards you. But actions are enough to convey the feelings. It doesn’t need dialogues and words.

That’s all folks! Will bring the new Top 10 series soon.

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