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Pahadi Slangs everybody from Uttarakhand must have used once

Others have internet lingo but we Pahadis, we are kinda different. We like to keep it old school, but with a dash of laughter and humour to make our lives enjoyable. So here we are, presenting you with Top 10 Pahadi slangs that you must learn to tickle the funny bones of your friends. If you know it, then it’s cool but if you don’t. Then don’t worry, my friend, it’s never too late to learn.

Ae Nirbhagi, You Unlucky Fellow

Even if you are living under the rock or are a non – Pahadi. We bet, you must have heard this Pahadi slang for once. Either from your friend or from locals you meet while travelling to Uttarakhand. Note down the meaning, so you can use this slang to tease your Pahadi Chaddi buddy.

‘Kapaal Fod Dyolu’, Will break your Head

This is one of the killer dialogues used by Pahadi moms to threaten their kids, so they behave well. And it has worked well in favour. If you have a rift with some Pahadi guy at school, just use this slang. It’ll make the bully cautious and he will think twice, before messing with you.

‘Fund Foonk Yaar’, Leave it Man

When nothing seems to be right and your mate is continuously talking about the girl you liked since ages. But couldn’t express your love for her. Why do you say in Pahadi then? Fand Fook Yar! Just leave it, man, it’s over.

‘Ek bhukki de’, Give me a Kiss

This is one of the cutest expression of love, used by our beloved Pahadi moms. Remember the good old days of childhood, when our moms ran behind us, to make our cheeks red with her lipstick stains. Those soft kisses, full of sheer love, made our hearts warm from within. Bhukki is one such word that rekindles the old memories.

‘Kya Swaani Dikhyeni’, You are looking Beautiful

If you are head over heels for a Pahadi girl and want to make her feel admired. Just say these words, Kya Swaani Dikhyeni. If she likes you, she will probably blush and smile. And if she frowns then better run for your life.

 ‘Ae Myera Laata/Laati’, O my cute Duffer

This is the most over-done cliche used by our Pahadi moms and grandmoms. Whenever we make a mistake or pull a funny prank on lovely ladies. They use this catchphrase to chide us in a gentle way. We Pahadis have a great sense of humour and we also use this word to show our love and affection to our siblings. If you have a younger brother or sister, they might be sick and tired of hearing “laata/laati” from you.

Mye Saanki Hwoli’, A Piece of my Heart

Everybody has that one special person who he/she loves dearly. It could be your mom, dad, sister, love interest or anyone else. So try and make that person feel special and loved by calling him/her, Mye Saanki Hwoli, a piece of my fragile heart.

‘Bolyun Maan’, Please follow my Advice

There’s that one Pahadi bhulla in our gang, who always run behind girls, higher than his league. And we always advice him not to, but he is a lover boy and will never pay heed to us. What do we say then? Bolyun Maan bheji (brother).

‘Tera Murda Marlu’, You’ll be Dead

Pahadis have cool temperance but once somebody gets on their nerves. They may hit you hard with words like ‘Tera Murda Marlu’. Although we know that you can’t wish death for a corpse. But who cares? We are Pahadis, man. We don’t give a Fish!

‘Dhol jan Bajolu’, Will beat you like a Drum

When we were young and made menace at home. Our anguished dad used to leave his newspaper behind, to school us by telling us, “Dhol jan bajola tumne”. Trust me this was enough to retreat towards our room for studying. Better to keep your nose in the book than getting beaten like a drum.

That’s all folks! Will bring new Top 10 Series the next time.